• openEuler MOOC (Supported by CMOOC and Huawei).    (as a part of the Operating System MOOC taught by Prof. Bin Luo)
  • Here are related resources: 【Videos】and【Experiment Manuals】 (in Chinese)

  • Cloud Computing.    (2017~2019 co-taught with Professor Tongwei Ren)
  • Undergraduates (Fall: 2019, 2020,2021【Videos】(in Chinese))
    Postgraduates (Fall: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
    Useful Tool Links:

    ☆☆Here are some useful getting started documents (in Chinese) and demo projects for this course.
    ☆☆Part A. Spark Setup Instructions. Provided by: Undergraduates, 2018.
    ☆☆1. Yufeng Su: three nodes of CentOS 7 [.PDF]
    ☆☆2. Ziyuan Zhuang: three nodes of Ubuntu 18.04 [.PDF]
    ☆☆3. Zongyao Xue: three nodes of Ubuntu 16.04 [.PDF]
    ☆☆4. Yihui Wei: two nodes of Ubuntu 16.04 on AliYun [.PDF]

    ☆☆Part B. Spark Demo Projects. Provided by: Xiaodong Hao and Hui Jiang, Undergraduates, 2017.
    ☆☆1. Overall Introduction of Demo Projects [.PPTX]
    ☆☆2. Streaming Program: [.scala]. Data: [], [], [], [].
    ☆☆3. GraphX Program: [.scala], [MapAccumulator.scala]. Data: [.zip].
    ☆☆4. MLlib Program: [JobAdvice.scala]. Data: [],[].

  • Algorithm Design.    (introduce common algorithm design ideas based on exercises)
  • Postgraduates (Winter: 2017, 2018; Fall: 2019)
    The Online Judge for this course. (Nanjing University campus only)

  • Practice of Data Science System Development.    (co-taught with Professor Feng Liu)
  • Undergraduates (Fall: 2020)
    In order to gain valuable requirements of data processing systems, you should first have the practice of related system with concrete applications. Therefore, the part I am responsible for is divided into two stages: Data Processing Applications & System Development.

    ☞☞ Applications are related to: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning,
    ☞☞ Platforms to be used are: OpenStack, Spark, Tensorflow,

    Selected Graduation Projects [View More]

    2021.06 (Undergraduates).

    Tools and frameworks: